A Yeoman generator which sets up a basic Node.js project with Express and TypeScript.



While working on the EDO project we, once again, used Node.js to quickly set up a REST API. Doing so in plain JavaScript allows quick progress, but often the resulting code is hard to read and maintain, especially if you want to add additional features. Working with angular2 and other libraries, TypeScript definitely allows improving code quality by adding type safety for instance. 

However, when using typescript or adding other useful libraries like logging or test frameworks, setting up the Node.js server becomes a tedious and error-prone task. To automate this process, we implemented a Yeoman generator which sets up all of the build tasks and installs the required dependencies: Generator-NExT.

The name obviously is derived from the main frameworks used (Node, Express and Typescript), but we also included some others.

Feel free to check out the respective GitHub page and add issues if you notice any bugs, things that could be done better or outdated libraries so we can properly maintain this generator.
To try it our yourself, just install it via npm.

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