A step-by-step guide how to connect Tableau Desktop to a InfluxDB database

  1. Go to the Tableau Desktop start page and click on More… under To a Server in the Connect pane.

    Tableau Desktop start page

  2. Select Web Data Connector.

    Web data connector

    What is a web data connector? https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/examples_web_data_connector.htm

  3. Enter the URL of the web data connector that you want to connect to (here: https://tagyoureit.github.io/InfluxDB_WDC/InfluxDB.html).
    Enter username, password, URL and the port of the InfluxDB server and click on Connect. Then select a database and select your initial query type (here: Custom SQL). Eventually click on Submit.

    Example connection to an InfluxDB server

  4. Now you will find yourself on the data source page where you can select your Table and catch a glimpse of the data you just queried from your database. Clicking on the Sheet1 tab at the bottom you can start the analysis and visualization of the data.

    Data source page

You want to know more about the visualization possibilities for your data? Please have a look on this related blog post Datenvisualisierung mit Tableau.For a general introduction to Tableau Desktop you may start with the Get Started with Tableau Desktop tutorial and/ or watch the corresponding YouTube video.


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