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LoRaWan – Was ist das und was kann man damit machen?

In einem Satz könnte man LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) wohl am besten beschreiben mit: Energiesparsame Methode zur Datenübertragung von IoT-Geräten über sehr weite Strecken mit sehr geringen laufenden Kosten. Der Use-Case Ein typischer Use-Case von LoRa ist:...


An AI that can identify a person based on a pull-up using a cheap IR-laser

Some time ago I’ve built a device together with an AI that is capable of detecting pull-ups and determining the person that did the pull-up as well as the quality of the pull-up (in this post I will just refer...

Use Javascript’s async/await today with Typescript 2.1

With the release of Typescript 2.1 you can start using Javascript’s async/await functionality today all the way down to ES3/ES5 without using additional tools. We’ve put together a real quick example that you can copy/paste to the Typescript Playground or...

Helpful Typescript shortcuts

There are many helpful Typescript shortcuts that a lot of people don’t know about, here are some of them:  


Performing calculations on Multiple Metrics in Kibana 5

We recently faced the issue, that we wanted to perform additional calculations in Kibana for given metrics, in our case we wanted to divide the values of two metrics and display the result. Typical usecases could be: average number...


RxJS Recipe of the day: Cancel a click-triggered REST-Call, when the user clicks again.

Cancel a previouse event-triggered operation when a new event is triggered Or in other words: Cancel a click-triggered REST-Call, when the user clicks again. This is a very neat recipe, that is used pretty often in our daily workflow, imagine...


Using the ELK Stack for tracking and analyzing custom App-Analytics