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Analytische Datenbanken im Data Warehouse

Analytische Datenbanken im Data Warehouse Transaktionale Systeme oder auch OLTP-Systeme (Online Transaction Processing) sind gekennzeichnet durch kurze ACID-Transaktionen. Für diese Art von Systemen eignen sich vor allem relationale Datenbanken, da sie für diese Art von Operationen optimiert wurden. Im...


An AI that can identify a person based on a pull-up using a cheap IR-laser

Some time ago I’ve built a device together with an AI that is capable of detecting pull-ups and determining the person that did the pull-up as well as the quality of the pull-up (in this post I will just refer...


Performing calculations on Multiple Metrics in Kibana 5

We recently faced the issue, that we wanted to perform additional calculations in Kibana for given metrics, in our case we wanted to divide the values of two metrics and display the result. Typical usecases could be: average number...


Using the ELK Stack for tracking and analyzing custom App-Analytics