We recently faced the issue, that we wanted to perform additional calculations in Kibana for given metrics, in our case we wanted to divide the values of two metrics and display the result. Typical usecases could be:
  • average number of sessions per user (metric 1: total amount of sessions, metric 2: uniq number of users => m1/m2)
  • conversion-rate (metric 1: total visitors, metric 2: total signups => (m2/m1) * 100)
  • cost per event (metric 1: total cost, metric 2: amount of events, => m1/m2)
As we could not figure out any way to achieve this by using existing features of Kibana, we wrote a plugin to fill this gap, you can get it here: https://github.com/ommsolutions/kibana_ext_metrics_vis And here is a gif showing how it works: ext-metric-demo

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